What is EHSCP?

The Environmental, Health & Safety Communications Panel (EHSCP) is a consortium of communications safety, health and environmental professionals dedicated to promoting the environment, employee safety and health while preventing accidents throughout the communications industry.
The Panel strives to provide a united voice and constructive input in the development and promulgation of environmental, health & safety standards and guidelines that affect the varied businesses within the communications industry.
The Panel encourages and appreciates cooperation, correspondence and interaction from all companies that fall under the umbrella of the Communications Industry.

The Environmental, Health & Safety Communications Panel (EHSCP) provides the materials on this Internet World Wide Web site (this Site) and all pages that are part of this Site for informational purposes only. Because of the nature of this material, it is also not guaranteed to be correct, complete, nor up-to-date. The EHSCP will use its best efforts to correct inaccuracies brought to our attention.
Any feedback, inquiries or questions concerning this Site should be directed to admin@ehscp.org.

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Welcome to the EHSCP website which houses the collaborative efforts of EHS professionals dedicated to promoting Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) in the communications industry. Key objectives of the organization include:

  • Collaboration and sharing of ideas on EHS issues in the communications industry
  • Conducting benchmarking surveys to measure EHS performance within the industry
  • Development of tools to promote and foster continual improvement in EHS in the communications industry
  • Provide constructive input to the regulatory community for the development and promulgation of efficient and practical rules, regulations and guidelines that affect the various businesses within the communications industry
  • Provide for industry-specific professional development opportunities through webinars, symposia, newsletters, best practices guides and other resources

This website is intended to share resources and educational material, including our newsletter, The Wire. I encourage you to periodically check the website for new EHS tools and information on webinars, meetings and our annual symposium.

Brian Wiedower
(913) 762-5957

Past Chairs:

Left to right: Art Farmer, Marie Robinson, Eric Allgaier, Chuck Slagle, Kent Kunce, Chuck Hill.

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Membership is open to any company in the communications business. To inquire about membership, send us a message. To find out if your company is already a member, go to our membership page.


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