2010 International Telecommunications Safety Conference

Conference Dates: 9/14 - 16/2010
Location: Denver, CO

Registration Packet 

ITSC 2010 Presentations
Attendee List
Basic Industrial Hygiene Sampling Overview of Indoor Air Quality - Bryan K. Stolte
Benchmarking 2009 - Don Harris
Bucket Truck Inspections - Grif Bond
Compliance in the Telecommunications Industry - Chad Vivia
Conference Welcome - Marie Robinson
Corporate Responsibility & EHS Involvement - Eric Allgier
Customer Rules for Phone Installers - 1911 - Jay Weir
Dawn Ring TelAlaska Contact - Dawn Ring
Developing an Effective EHS Site Assessment Program - Brian Wiedower

E - Scrap, or How to Avoid 60 Minutes -  Mark Matza

E - Scrap Excel File

Environmental Committee Overview - Barbara Patton
Environmental Regulatory and Legislative Update - Heidi Anderson
 ITSC 2011 Locations - Gary Schongar
Lead Exposure in Outside Plant Operations - John Malone
LEED for Operations and Maintenance - Bill Green and Jessie Jones
Noise Regulations, Monitoring, & Controls in the Telecom Industry - Tonya R. Read
OSHA Review and Update for FY 2010 - Megan Meagher
Pole Inspection Process - Darrell Lingk
NTSP Ergonomic Panel Update - Frank Bannister
RF Safety Overview for Installation/Services Personnel - Paul A. Testagrossa
Qwest Corporate Security Program - David Mahon
Safety Alert Child Locks - Jay Weir
Sustainability Panel - Bryan K. Stolte
Unique Hazards of TelcomWork in the Arctic - Dawn Ring
Utility Pole Management - Barbara Patton
OSH Legislative and Regulatory Highlights, and Current Issues - Dee Woodhull
Water Update - Lillian Gonzalez


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