2014 EH&S International Communications Conference

Conference Dates: September 9 - 11, 2014
Location Raleigh, NC

Conference Registration Packet

Conference Agenda

         2014 EHSICC Presentations
ASTM Standard and Due Diligence
Alan Agadoni
EHSCP Benchmarking
 Don Harris
 Building Culture and Morale 
 Charles Cartwright
 Conference Welcome 
 Barbara Patton
 Contractor Management 
 Dennis Truitt
 EHS Apps 
 Fohlmeister and Dowski
 EHS Regulatory Update 
 Heidi Anderson
 EHSICC Presentation Agenda
 Environment Committee Update 
 Barb Dowski
 Ergo Committee Update 
 Marie Robinson
 EWaste Panel Sprint 
 ERic Allgaier
 Ewaste Panel AT&T
 Don Harris
 Ewaste Panel Comcast
 Ben Harris
 Ewaste panel Level3
 Barb Dowski
 FedEx Sustainability 
 Nathan Loftice
 Global Safety in Sustainability 
 Barry Dambach
 History of North Carolina 
 Bill Mcrea
 Hot & Spicy EHS Topics 
Gary Schongar
 Industrial Hygiene Committee
Gary Foltz
 International Regulatory Update 
 Dee Woodhall
 Ladder Innovations 
 Dave Francis
 Management EHS Leadership Skills 
 Art Farmer
 National Wireless Training Standard
 Office Ergonomics  
 Tim McGlothlin
 Safety Committee Update
 Joe Lazarony
 Securing Water Balancing Multiple Needs 
 Rebecca Benner
 Storm Water: Believe or Not You Need a Permit 
 Brian Jenske
 Stormwater Management at EPA RTP
 Peter Schubert
 Tower Climbing 
 Jocko Vermillion
 Triangle Clean Cities 
 Kathy Boyer
 Useful Life of PPE Fall Protection 
 Don Snyder and George Kerstetter
 Welcome from CenturyLink 
 Jennifer Scarpino
 Working Safely with Lead Cable 
 Bob Harding and Jennifer Scarpino


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