The Environmental, Health & Safety Communications Panel is a consortium of communications environmental, health & safety professionals dedicated to promoting employee safety and health and preventing accidents throughout the telecommunications industry. We communicate our ongoing activity through the periodic newsletter, The Wire.

To help promote safe workplaces, the EHSCP/NTSP develops "Best Practices" documents pertaining to the Telecommunications industry.

NOTE: These documents represent the best thoughts of the authors at the time of writing. They are offered for information only. Some aspects of older documents may have been superceded by changes in technology or regulation.

Best Practices for Fall Protection Issue 2 (September 2006)

NTSP Ergonomic Guidelines(March 2006)

Safety Huddle Guide (August 2004)

This document contains brief articles that may be appropriate for Toolbox Talks or Safety Meetings.

 Fact Sheets
ATV Snow Equipment Fact Sheet
Cold Stress Fact Sheet
Earthquake Fact Sheet
Electrical Hazards
Flood Fact Sheet
Gas & Diesel Fuel Transportation
Heat Stress Fact Sheet
Hurricanes Fact Sheet
Landslide Hazards Fact Sheet
Lightning Hazards Fact Sheet
Poisonous Plants
Post Evacuation Building Reentry Checklist
Recommended Equipment for Safety Professional Travelling for Disaster Response 
Retail Store Ergonomics      05/14/2010
Shoveling               02/23/2011
Site Health and Safety Plan for Disaster Recovery
Tornado Fact Sheet
Towing Trailers Portable Gennerators Safely Fact Sheet
Using Chain Saw Safely Fact Sheet
Volcano Fact Sheet
West Nile Virus
Wildfires Fact Sheet
Working Around Water Hazards

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